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      Engine valve steel


      Grade: see sheet

      Dia: 5.0- 80mm

      Delivery condition: Annealing, solution

      Implementation standards: ISO, EN, SAE, JIS, GB and other enterprise customized standards

      Applications:Automobile and marine


      Shenyuan has become a qualified supplier of Eaton, Ford Ford,Nittan,TRW,Volkswagen,Shanghai Volkswagen and other companies.

      It has been exported to the international markets of the United States, Italy, South Korea, India ,Middle East and other markets. The sales of Engine valve steel have ranked the first in the same industry in China for many years, and the domestic market share is exceeding 60%.

      It is also the main drafting company of GB/T12773-2008 internal combustion engine valve and alloy bar.

      Performance characteristics

      application area

      Sales Hotline: +86 (523)83760850

      Mobile No.: +86 13815919666

      E-Mail: anne.wang@shenyuan-group.com

      Add.: Renming Road, Zhangguo Town,
      Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

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